Dad Says Bye To Kids On 1st Day Of School Before Jumping And Screaming For Joy

When school is out for the summer, students are thrilled to not have to go to class. The books are closed, the pencils are down and homework and studying get to take a backseat for a couple of months. Summer means days filled with fun in the sun, and warm nights with a gentle breeze. It means more family time and road trips, summer camp, beach hopping, playtime in the backyard and lots more outdoor activities with less rushing around and early morning starts.

And then comes the end of August, where the warm days spent poolside or playing baseball, wind down. School shopping for new notebooks and pencil crayons starts as the first day of school approaches, and little kiddies get all set to hit the ground running. The summer clothes are put away, the first leaves start to fall, and it becomes obvious that all good things must come to an end. Or do they?

This is a hilarious video that starts out innocently enough. Dad is recording mom with their two kids standing at the end of the driveway. It’s the first day of school and both children are decked out with their little backpacks ready to go. The big yellow bus pulls up and the door opens, ready for the kids to climb aboard. The daughter gets on, followed by the son who pauses to look back and make a funny face. It’s a parting of ways for the children and parents, and one would assume it would be a moment of sadness. After all, kids just grow up so fast. One minute they’re running around in diapers and the next, they’ve been whisked away to a higher education.

And that’s where the funny part comes in. Just after this couple’s kids get on the bus and drive away, dad turns the camera to reveal the truth – he couldn’t be happier! Rather than being sad and downtrodden that his babies are all grown up, dad is jumping up and down yelling “WAAAHOOOO! Yipeeeee!” It’s actually pretty funny and insightful, and as much as we love our children, it’s a sentiment I’m sure many parents can relate to at one point or another. Sometimes you just need that me-time, and it’s not possible with the kids around. So, what better way to have some peace and quiet than sending the little ones off to school?

Click below to watch this hilarious outburst.

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