Add Distilled White Vinegar To Laundry For Whiter, Brighter Clothes

I have a confession to make. There’s a shelf in my laundry room that I’m ashamed of. It’s above the washer and holds all of the various laundry products I have bought in hopes of having the cleanest, brightest, freshest smelling laundry. Recently, this shelf became so overloaded with product, that it tumbled over and fell.

I was watching television in the living room and heard a horrible crash. I thought a meteor had hit the house. But no, it was just my laundry shelf falling down. Detergents, sprays, powders, and more came crashing down onto the floor. I took this as a sign that I perhaps have way too much product. This mini catastrophe also prompted me to take a look at the ingredients….

…and let’s just say, that I could only pronounce one or two of them. A lot of the products found in the laundry room are filled with ingredients that are too complicated because they’re chemicals. Not only was I aghast about the ingredients, but I was also inspired to find a solution. I’ve found a single item that will replace all of those cleaners, and help me gain control over my laundry room. I want to share this tip with you so you can use it, too! It’ll help you save some money and also prevent your favorite clothes from getting stained or discolored or becoming laden with poison because this cleaner includes no toxins!

That one item is simple and inexpensive  — it’s DISTILLED WHITE VINEGAR. Here’s how using white vinegar in your laundry will help give you cleaner, brighter, fresher clothes and linens.

For extra dirty clothes, add a cup of white vinegar to hot water and let the clothes soak overnight.Delicates and swimwear should be washed by hand, and over time, regular detergents can cause damage. Add six tablespoons of vinegar to the hand wash.Vinegar added to the wash will help eliminate cigarette odors.Remove sweat stains and deodorant stains with vinegar.Replace your fabric softener with vinegar. It works just as well and also reduces static.1/2 cup of vinegar added to your wash will boost the power of your existing detergent.That same 1/2 cup of vinegar will eliminate residue when using powdered detergents.Vinegar helps reduce residual fuzz and animal hair.Vinegar helps clean the washing machine.

Give it a shot and let us know what you think! Have you used other ingredients in your laundry right from home? Does it make a difference? Share your laundry secrets with us in the comments!

You can catch the video below to show you how this method works and why adding vinegar to your laundry is important!

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