Dad's Heartfelt Wedding Speech Leads Into Unforgettable "Les Miserables" Flash Mob

A wedding day is an incredibly special day. Many people spend weeks, months, or even more planning every single detail of their perfect, fairytale moment. There is the venue, food, flowers, decor, cake, dress, and a thousand tiny details.

Some couples choose to have elaborate affairs while others opt for something more minimalist and casual. However a couple chooses to spend their wedding day, it is hopefully a representation of their love for one another. That, combined with the support and well wishes of their friends and family, are the ingredients for a wonderful day. 

Patrina and Charlie’s love story is a beautiful one. They were friends in high school, but like many friendships during that time, they drifted apart after graduation. By chance, they met on the streets of London several years later. The random meeting blossomed into love, but Patrina left shortly after to tour in a theater production.

Fortunately, Charlie was willing to wait for his true love to return, and after Patrina’s tour, the pair were married. On the day, Patrina’s dad had a surprise in store for his lovely daughter.

During his toast, he recalled a dinner that he shared with Patrina. They started a conversation with the couple at the table next to them who were celebrating their first wedding anniversary. As they were busy planning Patrina’s wedding, he asked them if there was one thing they would change about their wedding day.

The woman replied: “I wish it could’ve lasted two days.”

Patrina’s dad has his own interpretation of the statement: “When you rephrase that, what she said was, ‘I wish it could last one day more.\’”

And with that, he introduced a flash mob of Patrina’s theater friends, there to give a “Les Miserables” inspired performance!

I think this was an amazing way to introduce the incredible surprise. What an arrangement to have planned, organized, rehearsed and pulled off so seamlessly. This impromptu performance has such an added fun factor. An element of disbelief and shock to the night provided the bride and groom with something they won’t ever forget — the perfect way to lead into a performance! It’s so totally romantic, keeps the audience engaged, and as onlookers, the bride and groom’s reactions are priceless.

Watch the epic surprise in the video below and please like and share!

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